• Marcus Kanewoff
    Marcus Kanewoff
    CEO Free Energy Innovation AS
    Marcus Kanewoff is educated engineer within power supply with additional qualifications within HVAC. Marketing Economics Diploma (DIHM). He has long experience from the Nordic HVAC market as CEO of Roth Nordic, where he during his 10 years conducted a turnaround, tripled sales and doubled the company's market share as well as reaching the international group's long term economic goals.
  • Lars Andrén
    Lars Andrén
    CCO Free Energy Innovation AS
    Lars Andrén has devoted his entire professional career to solar energy. Lars was product manager in TeknoTerm for more than 10 years, at that time one of the leading solar energy companies in Sweden. From 1995-2015 Lars Andrén was head of the trade organization Swedish Solar Energy. Lars is also a known debater and writer in Sweden. He's also one of Swedens renowned lecturer about the topic of renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings and off course solar energy in various forms. Lars has written several books on solar energy, passive-houses and heating systems in general.
  • Gilbert Jensen
    Gilbert Jensen
    CEO Free Energy Danmark A/S
    Gilbert Jensen is a graduate civil engineer and a visionary entrepreneur with his own business since 1998. He has a key part within business development, management and sales. Gilbert has been CEO at the start of IT-, telecom- and clean-tech companies. His core competence is to contribute to profitable growth in global companies and contribute to the green transition by using of solar energy.
  • Einar Torset
    Einar Torset
    Technical Support Manager
    Einar Torset has over 25 years within electronics industry, whereof many in management positions. During these he spent many within the aviation industry at Braathens ASA. Since 2005 Einar has been Technical Manager at CTC Ferrofil AS, part of the Enertech Group and with product responsibility on Heat Pumps, Solar Energy and Electric Boilers. Einar has with great results held training courses on these products all over Norway. Distributers, installers and consumers have had the great opportunity to take part of Einar´s vast experience from the business. Einar has also held lectures within schools and at the University of Agder.
  • Anders Skjærvik
    Anders Skjærvik
    Chairman of the board
    Anders Skjærvik is a graduate civil engineer with extensive experience from the industry as entrepreneur, management and board work in companies within product design, product development and manufacturing. He established Scandinavian Tooling and Production AS (STP) in 1999 which develop and manufacture industrial products on behalf of the business sector, both domestic and abroad, which is sold to customers worldwide. STP is the main shareholder and one of the founders of Free Energy AS. STP is an important partner in the company's innovative development work.
  • Roar Petersen
    Roar Petersen
    Roar Pettersen is a graduate engineer in machinery with extensive experience of tooling manufacturing, material characteristics, mechanics, logistics and administration. His background includes both research community SINTEF and as product developer in tooling- and manufacturing enterprise Dynoplast. Roar currently works as CEO of Scandinavian Tooling and Production AS.
  • Kristoffer Rexvik
    Kristoffer Rexvik
    CEO Free Energy Sverige AB
    Kristoffer Rexvik is an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience within both the energy and building industry. Kristoffer started his career as an installer before moving into sales positions which eventually became sales and marketing management positions in several international companies. The last 10 years Kristoffer has been at Sonnenkraft, Schneider Electric and VELUX where he has several successful years with business development and building new organizations on existing markets.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to contribute to a world with more sustainable environment and reduced energy costs in buildings, by maximum utilization of solar energy.

Our vision is to offer solar-based energy systems which can deliver all the energy buildings need.

The Earth's population are facing a huge challenge to adapt from fossil fuels to renewable environmental- and climate-friendly alternatives. World leaders engage themselves and so does star actress Julia Roberts.


Why hasn't more solar systems been installed?

This question asked Rolf Lillemo, one of Free Energy founders, himself in the late 2000s.

Despite the fact that total solar radiation on Earth during one hour is equivalent to global energy consumption for a whole year, it hadn't been installed nearly as much solar energy facilities as it should. A lot of attention was directed towards solar cells (which converts solar energy to electricity), but very little towards solar collectors (which converts solar energy to heat and hot water). This despite the latter technology is 3-4 times more efficient as solar cells and thus increases the savings potential and reduces environmental- and climate impact.

The answer to the question above was complex and the main conclusions were:

  1. There was a perception that number of solar hours in the Nordic countries were too few
  2. Return of investment (ROI) was too long because solar heat usually were used for domestic hot water
  3. Solar heating systems were not industrialized and were often custom designed with high costs
  4. There were no smart hybrid solutions with good operational- and investment economy who handled both heating and hot water
  5. There was no standardized, factory assembled and complete systems which made  easy installation and secure operations possible

With focus of maximum energy yield from the sun all year round, HYSS-Hybrid Solar System was developed. A concept which has received considerable attention and won numerous awards, among them Energy Globe Award and Stora Inneklimatpriset (Indoor climate award). The development project is also supported by Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway. It's a unique system which already from the start, at component level, was developed to interact in order to achieve good operating- and investment economy. In order to achieve this it required new thinking and innovation also as regards borehole, storage tank, controller system and future service needs.

History, milestones and objectives

Free Energy Innovation in Norway started Research & Development of a new heating system

Proof-of-concept: Field tests with end users - optimizations. Establishment of sales companies in Scandinavia with a strong team from the heat pump- and solar industry as well as business development.

Proof-of-concept: HYSS documented twice the efficiency compared to the best alternative: fluid/water heat pump. Retailer agreements are signed consecutively and sales are started, industrial production of HYSS.

Received energy award ”National Energy Globe Award Sweden 2015” for installation of a Hybrid Solar System (HYSS) in Sweden.

Free Energy won «Stora Inneklimatpriset» for the heat pump solution Hybrid Solar System (HYSS)

Finland, Germany, England




Through research and development we have developed HYSS - Hybrid Solar System. The development was supporter by Innovation Norway and The Research Counsil of Norway.

Innovation Norway states:
"HYSS is pioneering within energy solutions for buildings, and has a huge market potential both nationally and and internationally".