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Increase your profit, improve the environment and have fun on the way. Become a winner with Free Energy! We offer the best heat pump in the market with solar collectors. HYSS- Hybrid Solar System has the highest energy ranking (A+++ for both heating and hot water) and achieves a SCOP Combi* of 5-7. With the included iPad the custumers facilities and project information are automatically transferred to the heat pump's software. This means that the heat pump is optimized to the customer's operating conditions already from the start. The facilities are updated at any time with the latest controller functions through the internet connection. As a provider, we assist with immediate help wherever the facilities are located. Free Energy offers the most generous warranty terms which creates security for both you and your customers.

*SCOP Combi = annual efficiency for heating and hot water

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Through your reseller-agreement you will get access to a CRM-system which simplifies and streamlines the entire sales process, from customer interest to operating facility. The CRM system is a web-based dimensioning and offer program where you can refine the incoming requests to specific offers, converting offers to orders and load all existing information on the commissioning of the facility. The advanced but user-friendly calculation program lets you quickly and easily help your customers with detailed and customized offer, with accompanying calculations and documentation. On your own PC, tablet or smartphone you can read your customers instantaneous operating status and performance, and be able to manage, troubleshoot and in some cases remedy any operational problems from distance. Both you and your customer can at any time monitor the facility’s heat factor to verify the promised SCOP Combi*).

*SCOP Combi = annual efficiency for heating and hot water

This is a sampling what you get as a HYSS Reseller:

  • Access to a modern CRM-system which follows your customers from offer to operating facility.
  • All assembly instructions, user manuals and more are available on the website. The CRM system also contains more advanced system solutions.
  • You can follow all your installations via your own login to ensure that the heat factor is consistent with the performed calculations.
  • You can troubleshoot and adjust your customers facilities from anywhere.
  • You can easily get help from a technician from Free Energy at anytime and from anywhere via the facility's connection.
  • You know that all of your installed facilities always have the latest software installed.
  • You will get free access to all marketing materials for example building-banner, ads, templates for direct mailing (DM), demo-door with integrated iPad, information posters and much more.

Do not hesitate but contact us and we will tell you more – or read what the existing resellers is telling!


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