• Gilbert Jensen
    Gilbert Jensen
    CBO Free Energy Innovation AS
    Gilbert Jensen is a graduate civil engineer and a visionary entrepreneur with his own business since 1998. He has a key part within business development, management and sales. Gilbert has been CEO at the start of IT-, telecom- and clean-tech companies. His core competence is to contribute to profitable growth in global companies and contribute to the green transition by using of solar energy.
  • Jakob Jamot
    Jakob Jamot
    CTO Free Energy Innovation AS
    Jakob Jamot is a trained mechatronics engineer holding a Master in product development from Chalmers University of Technology. Jakob has a unique and broad expertise in transformation of renewable energy and various types of energy storage. For many years he has developed simulation methods and gained a broad and deep insight for creating successful energy systems. Jakobs impetus is to create efficient energy systems that take into account technical, economic and environmental perspectives.
  • Lars Andrén
    Lars Andrén
    CCO Free Energy Innovation AS
    Lars Andrén has devoted his entire professional career to solar energy. Lars was product manager in TeknoTerm for more than 10 years, at that time one of the leading solar energy companies in Sweden. From 1995-2015 Lars Andrén was head of the trade organization Swedish Solar Energy. Lars is also a known debater and writer in Sweden. He's also one of Swedens renowned lecturer about the topic of renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings and off course solar energy in various forms. Lars has written several books on solar energy, passive-houses and heating systems in general.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to contribute to a world with more sustainable environment and reduced energy costs in buildings, by maximum utilization of solar energy.

Our vision is to offer solar-based energy systems which can deliver all the energy buildings need.

The Earth's population are facing a huge challenge to adapt from fossil fuels to renewable environmental- and climate-friendly alternatives. World leaders engage themselves and so does star actress Julia Roberts.


The establishment


Research and development of a new heating system, Hybrid Solar System (HYSS)


Three prototype installations of HYSS at end users
HYSS is presented during the HVAC-days in Norway


Pilot launch of HYSS


Monitoring, verification and improvement of pilot


Start of establishing distributors in the Nordic countries


Introduction of HYSS High Power for larger buildings
Introduction of PV/T hybrid panels


Through research and development we have developed HYSS - Hybrid Solar System. R&D was funded by by Innovation Norway and The Research Counsil of Norway.

Innovation Norway states:
"HYSS is pioneering within energy solutions for buildings, and has a huge market potential both nationally and internationally".

The Free Energy Story

This story is about plumber’s ideas and dreams about creating a “trendsetter” in the heat pump industry - from idea to finished product. How a number of resource people succeeded in realizing an idea and dream with structured and determined work efforts, and how a new heat pump company - Free Energy - saw the first light of day.

Rolf Lillemo was a once a dedicated plumber from Flisa, 150 km northwest of Oslo. He was a true innovator, not afraid of a challenge, and he was ahead of his time with many of his fantastic innovations. Rolf was the technical manager at a German industrial firm for many years and developed many different components for the heating and water market.

When Rolf had turned 60 years old he was determined to accomplish one of his dreams, which was to develop a hybrid heat pump with double the performance as the conventional technology on the market. The German industrial firm declined the opportunity to create HYSS (Hybrid Solar System), so Rolf chose to do it on his own with a few other partners. At 62 years old, he quit his job at the German  company to spend most of his time and energy developing Free Energy and the HYSS system. The year of writing is 2009.

Rolf had realized that the heat pump technology could be streamlined by taking advantage of the sun. His plan was to cross the solar heat with modern heat pump technology. Rolf managed to integrate solar thermal technology in a smart way and with a level of innovation that would prove to yield unexpectedly good results.

Rolf’s ambitions did not stop here. He had an idea that all technical equipment should be accommodated within the heat pump’s module dimensions and be easily accessible for service and replacement. It seemed impossible at first, but worked out in the end. “It has to work” - as Rolf always said. In addition, Rolf also wanted to create a heat pump software that would not only be at the forefront, but also be the trendsetter for the industry.

To reach his goals and dreams, Rolf realized very early in the process that he needed more resource personnel for the project. There was already a partnership in place between his previous employer and Scandinavian Tooling & Production (STP)*, with Anders Skjaervik as the main owner. Therefore, it didn’t take long until he asked if Anders, who had an MSc, sharp technical skills, development experience and not least his company STP, would be interested in partnering with Free Energy.

STP had the technical and economic resources that were required to be able to further develop Rolf’s ideas and innovations. The main owner, Anders Skjaervik, likes a challenge, technical development and he also has a big interest in programming and calculation. This would prove valuable in the continued development work of HYSS. With his colleague Roar Petersen, Anders decided to join the project and become the support needed to realize Rolf's dreams of building a heat pump that would take over the market.

Some initial years of work began with analysis, technology choices and limitations on what needed to be developed in-house and what partners could contribute. For all this to happen, Rolf needed to expand the crew. The person who was closest by was his previous manager from the German company, Marcus Kanewoff. Marcus would mean that Free Energy could add a resource person that could lead and keep structure in the development work, but most importantly he could carefully guide and manage the project out on the market. Marcus is an expert in business development with great negotiating skills and has the qualities needed for industrial development. Marcus has a background as an electrical and HVAC engineer, is an educated marketing economist and a record young CEO at a large German company and he would be perfect for the upcoming challenges. His entrepreneurial heart fell for Rolf’s ideas and dreams. His desire to create something of his own combined with the possibility to contribute with an environmentally friendly heating system with international potential was the reason why Marcus decided to take a new path in his career. Marcus Kanewoff joined the rest of the group and took on the role as captain for Free Energy starting in 2013.

An important part of the development work with the HYSS project was to create a modern software to show the performance and operating status of the heat pump in an innovative way. In order to succeed in this, certain skills were needed. So, in the second half of 2013, Gilbert Jensen joins the team. Gilbert has a Master of Science degree and a background in telecom and energy that would prove extremely valuable. Today he is responsible for the development of HYSS's management and user interface as an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Today, Gilbert is Free Energy's chief engineer and manages the technical development while leading the company's quality assurance.

Fall of 2013 was the time when the last pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place. Development and testing takes place in collaboration with the Technological Institute in Denmark. The main suppliers are selected, have a major part in the development work and are included as partners. In February of 2014, the first facilities are taken into operation and qualified field studies can now be initiated. The tests show that the technology is good, performance exceeds everyone's expectations and the software is well ahead of the competitors. It is now time to start with the toughest challenge: market introduction.

Lars Andrén is at this time chairman of Svensk Solenergi , the Solar Energy Association of Sweden. He has been working with solar energy since the early 1980s, for the last 20 years as a communicator through his books, lectures and courses. With 20 years of experience as chairman of the industry organization, Lars becomes a valuable asset as brand developer and communicator for Free Energy. He joins the current crew and his main responsibility is Free Energy’s marketing and communication. We are now writing 1st of September in 2014.

Unfortunately everything is not only good news in this story. In late summer 2014, Rolf gets seriously ill. In the fall, he has time to accomplish his dream and see how his skills as a plumber, as well as his technical ambitions, are realized in the HYSS project. Unfortunately, however, the disease accelerates rapidly. During the planned market introduction in Norway, Rolf gets the team's reports of how well his technical dream is received from the market, at Norway's largest HVAC industry exhibition in Lilleström. The rest of us thought it was amazing that Rolf got this confirmation, but also very sad that he wasn’t able to experience the success.

Unfortunately, due to the illness, Rolf passed away on December 1 in 2014 and one of the cornerstones and founders of Free Energy left us.

The team continues in Rolf's spirit and with his dream and goal to create "The best heat pump ever". And the ambitions have been successful! The team is very proud of how Rolf's ambitions have been kept in the HYSS project. The team has not only listened to Rolf's technical intentions, but also addressed Rolf's values in terms of humility, humor, and not being afraid of apparently insurmountable challenges. Free Energy and its staff work continuously in a spirit that is in keeping with Rolf’s vision of life: focus on humanity, the entrepreneur's passion, where the journey is as important as the goal, and perhaps the most important - and a bigger purpose - to contribute something good that is useful for humanity on a global scale.

We are four very driven entrepreneurs that have taken on the challenge to realize Rolf’s technical dreams. We all have a genuine passion for the environment and we were raised in a Nordic climate and know that our survival is dependent on staying warm. In order to minimize environmental and climate impact, it is important to focus on wise resource utilization. And that's exactly what HYSS does. For us, the sun is literally in the center, not only in our planetary system, but also as a driving force for Free Energy. It is clear to us that the sun, with its clean and free-flowing energy, will be the basis for all energy supply.

Free Energy is growing and new employees have been added. A large part of the company’s focus is now on completing our ongoing revolution of the heat pump market in the Nordic countries and further along in Europe. New retailers and installers are working with Free Energy and assist with knowledge, interests and new markets for HYSS. We want to wish everyone a big welcome aboard on our journey to join us on our mission to contribute to a more sustainable environment and reduced energy costs and those who want to help us reach our vision where sun based energy systems deliver all the energy that buildings require.

Rolf's analysis of why solar heat has not achieved greater success in the heating market

Rolf was wondering why more solar heating systems were not sold, considering all the benefits of the technology. The sun rays flow freely, are in a human perspective infinite and in their transformation phase to electricity or heat completely environmentally and climate neutral. The solar heat is up to four times as effective as solar electricity and for that reason has a much better life-cycle than solar electricity. Nevertheless, the sale of solar heat systems is far more modest than the technology deserves.

Rolf's answer to why there aren’t more solar heating systems installed can be summarized in the following sections:

  1. There is an idea that we have too few hours of sunshine in the Nordic countries
  2. The payback period has been too long because the solar heat has in most cases only been used for hot water production
  3. Solar heating systems have not previously been industrialized and have therefore many times been adapted to high costs
  4. There have been no smart hybrid solutions with good operating conditions and good economy for both hot and cold water
  5. There have also been no standard, factory-assembled and complete systems that contributed to a simple installation and safe operation
Rolf’s technical ambitions

Rolf knew that the solar heat was most beneficial if it worked directly against the heat storage. But he also realized that it was possible to use all the operating time when the temperature of the solar collectors was too low to be stored in the heat storage. Rolf wanted to create a system in which solar heat would be used in a broader temperature range and could help to improve the heat pump by increasing the temperature of the brine. An ingenious way to increase the operating hours of solar collectors during the year. Moreover, the system also gains efficiency, as losses decrease at lower operating temperatures in the solar circuit. It provides a significantly better utilization rate than in conventional solar heating systems, while the heat pump becomes more efficient and also saves operating time, which increases life span.

The HYSS system’s unique software

Rolf, Marcus and Gilbert have the ambition to develop an internet-based communication platform to monitor and access the heat pump remotely and also be able to identify possible malfunctions and facilitate action. The ambition was that the HYSS system, with its highly modern software, would revolutionize and set a new agenda for the heat pump market. The HYSS system’s software was not only meant to control the facility in a very sophisticated way, but also measure performance and energy savings, in real time, as well as over longer periods. The software would also be upgraded continuously and automatically for new requests and requirements so that the customer would always have the latest software downloaded.

”The best heatpump ever”

Free Energy's team, together with its subcontractors, has developed a heat pump technology and created the market's best heat pump with solar heating based on Rolf's ambitions and goals. HYSS inverter controlled heat pumps in the range of 2-12.1 kW have, in combination with solar heating, achieved the highest energy labelling (A +++) for both heating and hot water in accordance with the current Eco-Design and Energy Labeling requirements, which came into effect on 26 September, 2015. Free Energy also has heat pumps in operation with special ground storage systems that will achieve an annual heat factor of over 8, for heating and hot water (SCOP Combi).

Utmerkelser og priser

In 2015, Free Energy won the highly regarded Energy Globe Reward. This is an international award given to HYSS with the reasoning: "Thermal solar collectors are 3-4 times more efficient than solar cells, but thermal solar energy has not had the expected development. This year's national winner of the Energy Globe Award in Sweden has developed a hybrid solar heating system that crosses the solar industry with the heating industry and makes it possible to produce a building's total need for hot water and heat, without any additional heat source."

An additional proof of the technical achievement reached by HYSS was when Free Energy won the award Stora Inneklimatpriset in Sweden with the reasoning: "The jury has appointed Free Energy Sverige AB for its Hybrid Solar System as the winner of the 2015’s Stora Inneklimatpriset. Hybrid Solar System utilizes the heat pump's benefits to utilize renewable energy in a more efficient way. By combining the geothermal energy's ability to seasonally store solar energy with thermal collectors' opportunity for instantaneous power inputs, you achieve very low energy consumption. A thoughtful prefabrication makes the product space-saving and easy to install. A modern control and monitoring system, which also provides the consumer with the opportunity to assist with remote alignment and problem solving, ensures that promised performance can be met. The system provides the best conditions for contributing to a comfortable indoor climate."

The competition for the Stora Inneklimatpriset 2015 was though. In the final round you could find the Swedish Government, HSB and SWEGON to name a few of the nominated 40 companies. Although this competition Free Energy came out victorious in the end.

* Scandinavian Tooling & Production – STP

In 1999, Scandinavian Tooling & Production (STP) was established in Trondheim. The company develops industrial products on behalf of the industry, both in Norway and in other markets across the world. The holding company, STP Invest, is the main owner and founder of Free Energy Innovation AS, and an important partner in the company’s innovative development.

Regards, Free Energy

Anders Skjærvik, Chairman of the Board and the team’s own math genius
Roar Petersen, Member of the Board and the big fixer
Marcus Kanewoff, CEO, the steady captain
Gilbert Jensen, COO, the indispensable rocket scientist
Lars Andrén, CCO, the messenger of the team