Arca Nova enters long-term cooperation agreement with Free Energy

Published 26.04.2018

The Future Living project – Plus-energy houses of the future

Free Energy is one of several partners that Arca Nova Group has connected with for the project Future Living. Ruben D. Hansen, CEO of Arca Nova, tells that “Future Living” is a spectacular project that combines technology and living environment in a completely new and innovative way. Solar collectors for heating and solar cells for generating electricity is standardised in the Future Living Project.

With integrated solar energy in facades Arca Nova will take the leading position in development of future generations smart houses but also show opportunities for creative solutions. The Future Living project will have a modern and intelligent technological management system of the houses. With the Future Living project Arca Nova will show the housing market that it‘s possible to build plus-energy houses with good profitability.

Plus-energy house with minimal environmental impact

Ruben enthusiastically explains, “Free Energy’s hybrid heat pump is one of the key products for achieving plus-energy house with minimal environmental impact. The first projects with Free Energy‘s unique Hybrid Solar System (HYSS) system will be completed in early 2018 during the project Verksbyen in Fredrikstad”, says Ruben.

The project is considered to be Norway‘s most innovative and future-oriented housing project. Read more about the project at

Facts about Arca Nova Group

Arca Nova is a Norwegian construction company headquartered in Fredrikstad. The company has big goals in building innovatively with great responsibility in terms of environmental and climate impact. The company operates mainly as head contractor for housing projects, but also perform projects in cooperation with external companies for sport halls, office buildings and caring houses. The Arca Nova group engineers, project manage and has construction management for their own projects, but also for projects in cooperation with others.

The company was founded in 1998 and besides the head office in Norway they have a production facility in Estonia and a subsidiary in Sweden. There are a total of 80 employees in the group. For further information please visit

Facts about Free Energy Innovation

Free Energy Innovation is a Scandinavian company with head office in Trondheim. The company has subsidiaries in Denmark and Sweden. CEO, Marcus Kanewoff, of Free Energy Innovation tells “Free Energy has developed a unique hybrid heat pump where solar energy is utilized to increase the efficiency of the heat pump. Through an innovative management system, solar heating is utilized where it makes the most of use, either to produce hot water and heat directly to the storage tank or to preheat the brine circuit before it reaches the compressor. In the event of excess heat, heat is returned to the borehole or ground loop. Alternatively, the heat can be stored in a soil based seasonal storage (ASES – Active Solar Energy Storage).

Marcus ends by explaining “Free Energy has developed a unique software for the HYSS-system that enables the possibility for the customer to remotely view functions, performance and energy- and cost savings via a Smartphone or PC. It is also possible to troubleshoot the facility remotely. The HYSS- software is expandable with new features. All installed facilities are updated automatically and free of charge which guarantees that they have the latest updated software.”

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