Free Energy finalist in Skanska’s competition Deep Green Challenge

Published 27.09.2017
Skanska has announced the competition Deep Green Challenge as part of their green initiative. The purpose of the competition is to find new green technical solutions to reduce climate impact and create climate-neutral projects.

The evaluation criteria consists of these 5 main points:

• Climate impact

• Cost efficiency

• Quality

• Degree of innovation

• Potential of usage

Out of 50 competing companies Free Energy has reached the final with its Hybrid Solar System (HYSS). Along with 10 other finalists the winner will be announced the 5th of October at Skanska‘s headquarter in Stockholm.

HYSS uses a hybrid heat pump with solar heat for heating- and hot water production and in addition for heat pump efficiency. This will reduce the need for added energy (electricity) and decrease climate emissions and operating costs. The combination of HYSS with solar cells makes it both practical and economical possible to create zero-energy houses and climate-neutral buildings. Free Energy’s Hybrid Solar System thus meets the competition criteria for climate impact, cost efficiency and the possibility for creating plus-energy houses.

If you wish to know more about the competition and Free Energy’s contribution please contact:
Free Energy Innovation AS
Att: Marcus Kanewoff
Mobile: +46 70-593 02 93

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