Danish Technological Institute verifies HYSS´s extraordinary performance

Published 27.09.2017

The picture shows COP at different operating situations. TI = Technological Institute’s control measurements, FE = Free Energy‘s measurements with the built-in measuring equipment and software in HYSS.

The Technological Institute in Denmark verifies Free Energy’s measurements of COP calculations in HYSS in a recent study.

By using solar heat for heating and domestic hot water, and in addition for heat pump efficiency (higher incoming brine temperature to the compressor) throughout the year, HYSS accomplishes annual efficiency for heating and hot water between 5-7. This is approximately twice as high as conventional technology for ground source heat pumps according to the latest field measurements in Norway (Enova 2015).

The unique hybrid heat pump in HYSS shows better results than Free Energy‘s own web-application in an accredited test facility at The Danish Technological Institute. The measurements have been carried out in the entire operating range in order to get as correct assessment as possible. In all measurement intervals, the actual COP is higher than the HYSS system itself calculates and presents.

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