Free Energy Innovation AS wins the ENERGY GLOBE Award for innovative environmental technology

Published 15.05.2015

Based on the fact that the total sun radiation to earth during 1 hour corresponds to the whole world’s energy consumption during 1 year, Free Energy asked: Why hasn’t there been more solar heating systems installed?


With focus on maximizing energy yield from the sun throughout the year, Free Energy Innovation AS has developed HYSS- Hybrid Solar System. Hybrid means an integrated combination of solar heat system and the latest gener-
ations of heat pumps. Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway supports the project.

Free Energy’s mission is to contribute to a world of more sustainable environment and reduced energy cost in buildings, by maximize utilisation of solar energy.

Free Energy’s vision is to offer solar-based energy systems capable of providing all the energy buildings need.

HYSS has achieved very good target numbers for custumer installations and performs twice what a conventional liquid to water ground source heat pump makes. HYSS is sold through sales channels in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


The ENERGY GLOBE Award was founded in 1999 by the Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann and is one of today’s most prestigious environmental awards.

The jury’s justification for the award of the National ENERGY GLOBE AWARD is based upon a customer installation in Sweden:


”Thermal solar energy’s efficiency is 3-4 times higer than for photovoltaics, but the thermal solar still hasn’t had the development that could be expected. This year’s National vinner of the Energy Globe Award in Sweden developed a hybrid solar system that crosses the solar industry with the heat industry which is capeable of producing a buildings demand of hot water and heating, without supplementary heat source.”

The National ENERGY GLOBE Award 2015 goes to Free Energy Innovation AS.

The Award was presented by Commercial Counsellor Albrecht Zimburg from the Austrian Embassy in Sweeden and took place at Teknobyen Innovasjonssenter in Trondheim May 12th 2015. Present at the ceremony were the Management and Board from Free Energy Innovation AS and representatives from Innovation Norway, together with other persons who have contributed to the realization of the HYSS- system.


Contact: CEO Marcus Kanewoff
Phone: + 46 70 593 02 93


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