HVAC-chain VB enters into strategic cooperation with Free Energy and the heating industry's "Tesla"

Published 09.02.2018
Heat and energy are important priority areas for the HVAC-chain VB and the 200 member-companies. As part of this, VB has entered into a strategic cooperation with Free Energy for deliveries, mounting and service of the innovative HYSS-system (Hybrid Solar System).

Free Energy is a Norwegian supplier of heat pumps known for its innovative and awarded hybrid heat pump. The heat pump combines a modern ground source heat pump with thermal solar collectors which doubles the annual efficiency according to Enova's latest energy measuring of traditional ground source heat pumps.

Several of VBs HVAC-companies has already tested the system and are very pleased being able to offer a solution as good as this in the market.

- By entering into this cooperation we complement our range of heat pumps and secure our member-companies an exclusive access to the environmentally efficient HYSS-system. With our 200 HVAC-companies we will make this innovative heat pump solution available for customers across the country, says VBs head of Marketing and Communication, Rita Horsdal Jønsberg.

This heat pump solution is often referred to the heat industry's "Tesla" because of its performance, online monitoring, iPad control and automatic software updates.

HYSS fits very well for both new buildings and as replacement for existing heat pumps. HYSS is especially interesting as a replacement for oil furnaces, both environmentally and because it will provide the greatest savings. ENOVA may also provide financial support of more than NOK 60 000.

- Free Energy's heat pumps have been developed especially for the Norwegian market and electricity grid because HYSS-pumps up to 12 kW only require 1 phase 16A. This makes the installation both easier and at lower cost for the customer. VB-companies are very competent with skilled plumbers and the knowledge and desire to do "the little extra" for their customers, says CEO of Free Energy, Marcus Kanewoff.

For further information, please contact:

Head of Communication VB, Rita Jønsberg, phone +47 906 65 650, VB.no
Head of Technical Support Free Energy, Einar Torset, phone +47 468 88 440, free-energy.com

With 200 HVAC-companies and approximately 1650 professionals VB are one of Norway's largest HVAC-chains. The company performs at a daily basis a wide range of assignments for an ever-increasing number of customers in our elongated country: Whether it's in large or small houses, commercial buildings, schools, ships, hospitals or other public buildings, both for the private and professional market. The HVAC-chain accounts for a revenue close to NOK 2.6 billions for 2017, and is aiming for further growth towards 2020.

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