HYSS - High Power, solar-hybrid heat pumps for larger buildings up to 600 kW

Published 09.10.2018
Free Energy is constantly developing the HYSS - Hybrid Solar System. A new series of heat pumps are now being launched for larger buildings (High Power) for heating and cooling demands up to 600 kW. HYSS - High Power includes four sizes of inverter controlled grounds ource heat pumps. As for residential HYSS models HYSS - High Power can be complemented with solar heating and thus achieve twice the annual efficiency as a conventional ground source heat pump. With the HYSS system ingenious management of solar heating the whole temperature scale from the collectors will be utilized. The new series of HYSS heat pumps achieve the highest SCOP-Combi (heating and hot water) in the market in the range 5-7.

HYSS - High Power heat pumps are always «solar-ready» and with inverter controlled compressors. The series are offered in power range: 5-22 kW, 12-40 kW, 15-70 kW og 25-100 kW. By cascading the units it’s possible to cover power range up to 600 kW. The heat pumps are equipped with supervisor and the unique user interface of the HYSS System with online surveillance and control. The software is automatically updated at no additional cost.

In addition to heating and hot water (up to 70°C), the heat pumps offer both active and passive cooling. ModBus and HYSS Flexible are possible options.

Free Energy has delivered the first HYSS - High Power heat pumps to one of the most innovatiove and future-oriented housing projects in Norway. In the new district Verksbyen in Fredrikstad the housing developer Arca Nova is building 1 500 residentials the coming years. All will be built as zero- and plus energy buildings based on the golden triangle: Solar heating - Ground source heat pump - PV panels. The result is minimum energy costs and minimal climate impact.

Read more about the project at: https://www.arcanova.no/future-living

HYSS - High Power is well received in Sweden as well. Several large residential projects are under development in collaboration with one of Sweden’s largest construction company. In Europe there is additionally a cooperation with a major energy player for delivery of HYSS - High Power heat pumps.

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