Solar energy expert offers new innovative heating system

Published 01.09.2014

Soon Swedish households will be able to use solar energy for heating all year round. In a new concept, solar heating and a smart control system is utilized to double the yield of heat pumps. The company behind the system is called Free Energy Innovation AS and is now being established in Sweden by Lars Andrén, who is also chairman of the Swedish Solar Energy Association.

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Denmark is first to launch the innovative heating system powered by the sun

Published 09.12.2013

Following 4 year of intense product development Free Energy is ready to launch a completely new and innovative heating system in Denmark. The system focuses on maximum energy usage from the sun and is developed with financial backing from Innovasjon Norge and Norska Forskningsrådet. The system is named HYSS – Hybrid Solar System and will now be marketed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The solutions have recently been approved by the Danish Technological Institute according to the new and strict Ecodesign standards.

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New player on the Nordic HVAC market to launch innovative heat system - powered by the sun!

Published 07.06.2013

Followed by an intense product development since the company establishment in 2009, Free Energy launch a completely new heat system to the HVAC market. The system, focused on a maximum of energy exchange from the sun, has been named HYSS-Hybrid Solar System, and will be launched during June 2013 in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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