Eskild Dyrø

HYSS customer, Norway
Eskild Dyrø

Eskil and cohabitant Line live in a detached house in Trondheim with their two children, a boy of 8 years and a girl of 5 years. The house was acquired in 2010 and originally built in 1965. After purchasing the house they started planning their refurbishment which ended in an extension of 130 m². Originally housing was 170 m² and now they have a total living space of 300 m² which includes a dorm room of 20 m² and an additional apartment of 65 m².


The rebuilding, including extension and double garage, was commenced in 2014 and completed in spring 2016. Both rental units are leased and there are 7 occupants in house totally. Eskild and Line had in their original plans thought of geothermal heat and ground source heat pump as heat source and waterborne heating in all floors. After a thorough investigation they discovered that solar collectors in addition would make utility for hot water in addition of heating the house.


They quickly discovered that Free Energy’s HYSS was the only complete system which could deliver a hybrid solution for utilizing both ground- and solar heat.


”The first thing we did was to contact Free Energy to get an assessment of the dimensions of such a facility», says Eskild. «We had to, among other things, calculate both depth of the borehole for geothermal heat and the number of collectors we needed. We also wanted a concealed facility so that installation of solar collectors wouldn't dominant the house. And we have succeeded 100%», says Eskild. «The solar collectors are embedded in the roof and several neighbors have asked whether we have installed skylights. Very few are capable to see that it is solar collectors on our roof.»


You have a fairly large house Eskild, do you know how much money you save per year by using HYSS for heating and hot water?

«We have a bit bad basis of comparison for our current house, but we monitor regularly what the system delivers in relation to the performance that was promised. The supplied software provides the opportunity of comparing HYSS with alternate sources of energy», Eskild explains. «Additionally we can see if the immersion heater has been added electricity whether the facility isn't able to deliver satisfactory performance. After 1 year in operation the immersion heater hasn't even used as much as 1 kWh. We are self supplied of heating and hot water in our own house, and with a very comfortable indoor climate and showering as often as we want. Absolutely fantastic!»


HYSS facility's supplied software and iPad shows that the production of hot water during the last 12 months equals an energy consumption of 46 701 kWh. It is added 7 041 kWh to the system during the same period. «This means for each added kWh we’ve received 6,6 times in return as heating and hot water. The savings of 39 660 kWh equals economic savings of NOK 36 521,-. As the figures clearly show we save substantial amounts every year on on our HYSS installation», says Eskild very delighted.


In addition were solar panels mounted on the garage roof last fall to provide power to the residence and heat pump. This is an extension of HYSS to enable the vision of living in a so-called plus-house, which means that it produces more energy than it consumes.


How does it work?

Electricity produced from the solar plant are transferred directly to the house and heat pump. Any surplus electricity is delivered to the electricity grid to our power supplier. TrønderEnergi have set up a meter that detects the amount of power we supply from the facility on our garage roof. Overall our HYSS facility provide very low electricity bills


Line and Eskild applied for financial funding from Enova for their HYSS installation. Enova provided funding in 3 innings, first for drilling the energy well, then the solar collectors and finally the solar panels. Altogether they have received about NOK 50,000 - in sheer facility funding. «This means that the math looks even more enjoyable regarding payback time», says Eskild


What do you think is the best about the HYSS Facility?

«Besides the obvious of saving a lot of money annually, the waterborne heating provides a very comfortable and healthy indoor climate. We have no panel- or wood stoves and are never bothered by dry air with us. And even with 4 adults and 3 children in the same house we had never run out of hot water. Of course it is also very pleasant to look at the environmental account. We do not emit any CO2 due to our choice of heating and hot water», concludes Eskild satisfied.

Facts about the facility:
Type of house: Detached house w/rental and double garage
Built:  1965, added extension and completed 2014-2016
Area:   Ca. 300 m2 living area incl. 2 rental units
Number of residents in the house:  7 (4 adults and 3 children) 
Location: Trondheim Municipality 
Roof pitch: 17°
Heat distribution:  Waterborne heating for all floors
Closed system w/Brine(Glycol) 
Facility outgoing heat:  33°C / max 50°C
Indoor temperature: 21°C
Previous heating:  Electric and woodfire (unknown cost 
Borehole:  150 m 
HYSS heat pump: 12 kW 
Area solar collectors:  8 pcs. á 2 m², tot. 16 m² 
Facility SCOP:  6,6 (both heating and hot water)
Facility startup:  05.12.2015 
Installer:  DS Rør & Varme AS, Trondheim 
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