Robert and Jenny Bondesson

HYSS customer, Sweden
Robert and Jenny Bondesson

The couple concluded quite rapidly that a good solution would be a heat pump. From the calculations they could see that heating costs could decrease considerably, additionally would the investment mean a huge benefit for both the environment and climate. As the finishing touch it would create an extra room where the oil tank and heating boiler had been. Gains at every level it may seem like.


There was a catch, however. The house built in 1946 has a nice and lush garden that couldn’t be destroyed by burying a huge ground look for the heat pump. They got adapted about 250 meter of collector hose without doing too much harm to the carefully planned garden. Quite rapidly it became clear that this would put high demands of the heat pump. Manufacturers that Robert and Jenny contacted demanded that the length of the ground loop had to be doubled to 500-600 meters to be able to deliver sufficient heat effect to the house.


Coincidences made that Robert got in touch with HYSS. Literally as sun from the clear sky he sat his mind on solar collectors which could make it possible to halve the length of the ground loop in spite of the relatively huge power output required. In addition of utilizing solar heat Robert and Jenny found that the HYSS-system felt modern with its accompanying iPad and opportunities to control and read the heat output externally. Knowing that the software is continuously updated was also an added plus, not to mention the environmental and climate advantages as it means using solar energy!


Initially family Bondesson wanted to reduce their heating costs, but naturally also to take environmental and climate responsibility. Followed by careful consideration the couple chose a HYSS-system. The result was immediate. Since the start of the facility 6th of March 2014, the family have saved more than NOK 85,000, - taxed money while reducing their CO2 emissions by nearly 20 tons. If these savings continue at the same pace, the investment will be be repaid in about 6 years (ROI). Subsequently there will be a supplement of roughly NOK 40,000, - per year for the household checkout, and additionally reduced CO² emissions by approxomately 10,000 kg per year. Investing in HYSS is just like vinning the lottery, concludes Robert with a broad smile on his face!! 


Facts about «Villa Åkarp (Burlövs municipality):

• Built 1946, Apelvegen in Åkarp (Between Malmö and Lund)

• 145 m2 living room + 100 m² basement and 55 m² heated double garage (up to 13-14°C) incl. secondary area of ca 20 m²

• Southwest direction (220°), roof pitch 30°

• Heat distribution: radiators, max output temperature 50°C

• Indoor temperature 21°C

• Previously oil furnaces: consumption about 3 000 liters of oil/year

• Total energy consumption for heating and hot water was estimated to 35 000 kWh/year. In addition, remaining household about 5000 kWh.

• 23-24°C indoor temperature

• Could only accommodate a ground loop of 250 m


Robert and Jenny installed HYSS-system in march 2014 consisting of an inverter controlled heat pump (power output 4,0 - 12,1 kW). 24 m2 of solar collectors are connected to the heat pump and enshrined in the brick roof (see image). Area of solar collectors are 75 % larger than normally for a HYSS-system. This was necessary to compensate for the shorter mark loop (250 m). In this way may undersized borehole and ground loops be able to function optimally with the help of free charging from the sun. 


Since inception the facility has attained a SCOP Combi of 5.9. This means for each part added electricity to the heat pump they have received 5,9 times in return as heating and hot water. Maximum heat factor (average for 1 day) has been 54 (COP). Their HYSS-system has delivered 61 311 kWh since inception. During this period (barely 24 months) the facility has consumed 10 367 kWh in operating energy to the heat pump. In this period, from March 6 2014 to February 12th 2016, the family has saved NOK 84 290,- and reduced their CO2 emission by 19 341 kg.


Robert and Jenny

February 12th 2016


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