Tim Roskvist

HYSS customer, Sweden
Tim Roskvist

The toddlers family Roskvist have built their new house in Löddeköpinge. Tim got in touch with Free Energy through a contest on Facebook and the choice was easy.


Tim tells:

«When you're building a new house you have to look at all possible solutions. With HYSS we got everything we wanted in one solution. We allow ourselves an inside temperature of 23 degrees and consumes up to 400 liters of hot water every day. Nevertheless, we spent less than 4000 kilowatt-hours the first year. Simply amazing!


Solar heating covers partly the heating and more than half of our hot water requirement. With our focus on the environment this suits us very well, thus we have a very pleasant operational economy for our facility.


Through the applied iPad, or via PC or Smartphone we have monitored our facility closely this first year. We can even control the effects of the facility, regardless if we are home or not.


The cabinet got its place in the laundry room and the module 60x60 cm, covered by the stylish front panel, hides all elements of the system. Since the inception in February 2014 until June 2016 the facility has given us 6.2 times in return for each kilowatt-hour spent. Thus, it is not difficult to understand that the investment has provided good value for money».


Facts about the facility:

HYSS-system with inverter controlled heat pump of 7 kW, 10 m² solar collectors, 400 meter ground loop (dimension 40mm).

  • Located in Löddeköpinge, Kävlinge municipality
  • Built in 2014, 170 m² LIV + 28 m² second floor with reduced headroom
  • 1 1/2 levels, 45° roof pitch
  • Walls of H+H 365 mm massive siporex-stone (without insulation)
  • Floors with floor heating, 30 cm of insulation
  • 30 cm insulation in the pitched roof, 50 cm remaining ceiling
  • Friskluftsventiler och mekanisk vifte (ingen varmegjenvinning)
  • Fresh air vents and mechanical fan
  • Indoor temperature: 23-24 degrees
  • Hot water consumption: 400 liters per day
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