VVS Rørlegger'n i Tønsberg AS

HYSS installer, Norway
VVS Rørlegger'n i Tønsberg AS

VVS RØRLEGGER’N I TØNSBERG (Proffesional HVAC installer)

VVS Rørlegger'n Tønsberg AS is a plumber company with 10 plumbers offering services in the private market and to businesses in Vestfold. They’ve got long experience as an installer of ground source heat pumps for heating  buildings. They had little experience within solar collectors as carrier of energy for heating water, but with courses and training from Free Energy AS they are now authorized as a professional HYSS installer.



Finn Espen Nergård was the installer in charge and responsible for both dimensioning and installation of the HYSS facility at Knattholmen campsite. A campsite located in Vestfold about 8 km east of Sandefjord by the idyllic Tønsbergfjorden. The camp has been in operation since 1923 and is owned by Vestfold and Telemark YMCA-YWCA. The campsite has been developing steadily over the last 30 years and the latest building was inaugurated in April this year. The area now contains a total of 16 buildings with a total of 4500 m² for the entire campsite.



HYSS is a very modern and progressive system for both heating and domestic hot water, says Finn Espen. Solar collectors for heating water is really an old and well known technology, but it’s the combination av solar- and geothermal heat what makes HYSS unique. Solar energy heats the water directly, but in addition contributes with enhancing the efficiency of the heat pump. This makes the solution highly efficient and is at the same time very beneficial environmentally / climate and economically. The technical solution in HYSS for controlling and monitoring is far ahead and is very forward-thinking. It offers a unique solution for heating and production of hot water and utilize nature's resources maximum effective and are 100% climate neutral and without any C02 emissions, Finn Espen explains.



Solar collectors are 4 times as efficient as solar cells, explains Finn Espen. Solar collectors thus gives 4 times higher power output (kWh) as solar cells and for production of hot water solar collectors become quite superior to solar cells and is substantially more area efficient than solar panels. Simply explained you need much smaller area of solar collectors than solar cells to achieve the same production capacity. In combination with ground source heat it becomes a lot of money to save by installing a HYSS facility, says Finn Espen



We have several projects going, tells Finn Espen. We work against Tonsberg municipality as they are building a sports center affiliated with a school. In the public market is HYSS particularly well suited for several institutions. Especially in schools, kindergartens, sports facilities and other buildings where the need for domestic hot water is huge. There are opportunities to save a lot of money by looking at alternative solutions other than electricity and oil heating. Additionally, the environmental and climate impact becomes an important factor in the assessments.


The private market is also huge, especially for those who have already installed floor heating or radiators in the house. When we know that heating and hot water account for about 80% of total energy costs in a normal household it goes without saying that there are big money to save by utilizing solar- and ground source heat with HYSS, explains Finn Espen.


Foruten nybygg, er det gunstig å tenke nytt ved rehabilitering av bygg, sier Finn Espen. Selv har vi rehabilitert vårt eget bygg og holder på å installere HYSS-anlegg. Vi skal blant annet gjøre forsøk på å lagre varme i bakken og har i den anledning boret en energibrønn på 140 meter nettopp med tanke på lagring av varme. Det skal blir meget spennende å om dette fungerer etter hensikten når vi får dette i drift forhåpentligvis i løpet av året, avslutter en optimistisk Finn Espen Nergård.


Besides new construction, it is beneficial to think anew by rehabilitation of a building, says Finn Espen. We have refurbished our own building and is now in the process of installing HYSS.  We will, among other attempt to store heat in the ground and in that respect we have drilled an energy well at 140 meters with the intention of storing heat. It will be very exciting whether this works as intended when we get this operational hopefully during the year, concludes an optimistic Finn Espen Nergård.

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