HYSS – Best at sustainable heating

HYSS is a heating system combining solar energy and heat pump technology in a totally unique way. This makes HYSS the most cost- and eco-saving system on the market.

By combining solar- and geothermal heat HYSS will return an annual efficiency (SCOP) between 5 and 7. For each part energy (electricity) you add to your heat pump it will return 5-7 times as heating and hot water.


The system is suitable both for new buildings as rehabilitation or replacement of existing heating systems. With HYSS you will get a complete heating system ensuring both heating and hot water. The system comes in a stylish cabinet with software allowing you to monitor your own system wherever you are.


The application allows you to verify that the system delivers as expected..


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HYSS - groundbreaking innovation

Highest savings

With HYSS you pay for 1 part energy (electricity) and gets 5-7 times in return as heating and hot water.

HYSS will give you the highest savings compared to conventional solutions within heating and hot water production. This is good for both your personal finances and the environment. The system has achieved the highest energy rating , A+++, according to the European directive for Ecodesign.

Sun and ground

HYSS - a unique heating solution powered by the sun.

High temperatures from the solar collectors are stored directly in the storage tank. This will be used at lower temperatures (15-40 C°) from the solar collectors to increase the temperature from the ground (energy well or ground loop). In this way solar heating is being fully utilized and combined optimally with heating from the ground..

Smart control

You can operate your HYSS-installation from the included iPad mini.

You can monitor and control your installation from any computer, tablet or smartphone as long as you have internet connection. The application is automatically updated over the internet to ensure that you always have the latest software available.

10 year warranty

You get the best safety and highest security.

All components of the HYSS system is carefully selected and are the highest quality. That's why we offer 10 year warranty for all main components as solar collectors, storage tank and compressor.

How much can you save with HYSS?

HYSS is the most cost- and eco-saving system in the market, whether it's a new building or as replacement of existing heating systems.

Regardless of what kind of energy you are using today, you will save a lot of money by switching to HYSS. See how much you can save with HYSS by using our savings calculator.

If you want to receive online-offer by email where the HYSS solution are customized for your house and specifications, click here.


In many countries there are opportunities to seek public funding for energy and environmental measures, both for private households and businesses. In Norway there is ENOVA who on behalf of the Norwegian government manages such funding.

HYSS meets several requirements to receive public funding from ENOVA. With heat pump, solar collectors and integrated measuring equipment everything is set to receive public funding from ENOVA. If you have an existing oil-furnaces or oil stoves with oil tank - you can also receive public funding to remove these.

Detached house switching from oil heating to HYSS heating system received NOK 52 800,- in public funding from ENOVA:

Energy gauge: 10 000
Solar collectors: 10 000 + 200x14m² = 12 800
Installation of brine/water heat pump: 20 000
Removal of oil tank: 10 000 
Sum: 52 800 NOK

Please visit ENOVAs webpage for further information.

What our customers say about HYSS

Eskild Dyrø

Eskild Dyrø

Free Energy's HYSS was the only complete system that could offer a hybrid solution with the use of both ground- and solar heat.

HYSS user since 2015

Tim Roskvist

Tim Roskvist

When you're building a new house you have to look at all possible solutions. With HYSS we got everything we wanted in one solution!

HYSS user since 2014

Robert and Jenny Bondesson

Robert and Jenny Bondesson

Having a house with oil furnaces for heating is no winner, neither for the environment, climate or your wallet. Based on this chose Robert and Jenny to look for a new source for heating their house in Åkarp.

HYSS user since 2014

Knattholmen Campsite - Commercial building

Knattholmen Campsite - Commercial building

Around 6,000 visitors a year consume a lot of hot water at Knattholmen Campsite. With an average of 1,700 solar hours a year we had to find a way to utilize solar heat, concluded manager Magne Svorstøl and chairman Tore Nicolaisen. They chose HYSS - Hybrid Solar System from Free Energy.

Installed HYSS in 2016

VVS Rørlegger'n i Tønsberg AS

VVS Rørlegger'n i Tønsberg AS

The HYSS installer is your professional advisor and guarantor for a properly sized and installed HYSS facility. As installer in charge of Knattholmen Campsite's HYSS facility praise Find Espen Nergård at VVS RØRLEGGER'N i Tønsberg Free Energys HYSS-system and describes the hybrid system as a modern and progressive system for heating and hot water.

HYSS installer since 2015