HYSS - groundbreaking hybrid heat pump

Highest savings

With HYSS you pay for 1 part energy (electricity) and gets 5-7 times in return as heating and hot water.

HYSS will give you the highest savings compared to conventional solutions within heating and hot water production. This is good for both the finances and the environment. The system has achieved the highest energy rating , A+++, according to the European directive for Ecodesign.

Sun and ground

HYSS - a unique heating solution powered by the sun.

High temperatures from the solar collectors are stored directly in the storage tank. This will be used at lower temperatures (15-40 C°) from the solar collectors to increase the temperature from the ground (energy well or ground loop). In this way solar heating is being fully utilized and combined optimally with heating from the ground.

Smart control

You can operate your HYSS-installation from the included iPad mini.

You can monitor and control your installation from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The application is automatically updated over the internet to ensure that you always have the latest software available.

10 year warranty

You get the best safety and highest security.

All components of the HYSS system is carefully selected and are the highest quality. That's why we offer 10 year warranty for all main components as solar collectors, storage tank and compressor.

Norra Vitsippan, Salem - Net zero-energy houses on commercial terms

Norra Vitsippan, Salem - Net zero-energy houses on commercial terms

Free Energy contributes with cutting-edge technology for Skanskas housing project Norra Vitsippan in Salem, outside Stockholm. Energy consumption for heating and hot water is reduced by 80 percent due to HYSS. With solar cells, solar heat and HYSS it is possible to achieve net zero-energy houses on commercial terms for the buildings.


Knattholmen Campsite - Commercial building

Knattholmen Campsite - Commercial building

Around 6,000 visitors a year consume a lot of hot water at Knattholmen Campsite. With an average of 1,700 solar hours a year we had to find a way to utilize solar heat, concluded manager Magne Svorstøl and chairman Tore Nicolaisen. They chose HYSS - Hybrid Solar System from Free Energy.

HYSS customer

VVS Rørlegger'n i Tønsberg AS

VVS Rørlegger'n i Tønsberg AS

The HYSS installer is your professional advisor and guarantor for a properly sized and installed HYSS facility. As installer in charge of Knattholmen Campsite's HYSS facility praise Find Espen Nergård at VVS RØRLEGGER'N i Tønsberg Free Energys HYSS-system and describes the hybrid system as a modern and progressive system for heating and hot water.

HYSS installer